Cloudpath Networks Partners With Siracom

Cloudpath Networks Partners With Siracom

Cloudpath brings Automated Device Enablement (ADE) to U.K. with leading wireless
technology distributor Siracom

Westminster, Colorado., May 19, 2014 – Cloudpath Networks (, the industry leader for Automated Device Enablement (ADE), today announced it has partnered with Siracom, a leading distributor of wireless technology in the U.K. As Cloudpath continues to grow the ADE footprint worldwide, Siracom’s value-added distribution and established channels of integrators throughout the U.K. will allow for more customers to benefit from Cloudpath’s innovative and market-leading solutions in the region.

“We are excited to partner with Siracom to bring greater security and flexibility to Wi-Fi users in the United
Kingdom,” said Amith Nair, VP of sales and marketing for Cloudpath Networks. “Our solutions help simplify
the adoption of standards-based Wi-Fi security. BYOD and secure device enablement are becoming challenges
across most industry verticals. Partnering with Siracom will allow us to help customers with their BYOD,
guest, and IT asset requirements. In addition, we will be able to assist customers to enable secure device access
on the network while providing network administrators the visibility and infrastructure control necessary for
today’s diverse and dynamic network environments.”

As enterprise mobility and device connectivity continue to be at the forefront of IT security concerns for
network administrators, delivering solutions to new markets, domestic and international, is key to ensuring
secure Wi-Fi access for any device, anywhere. Cloudpath’s proven onboarding solution is unmatched across the
IT networking industry, providing Siracom with a unique, innovative and simple solution it can offer to a
growing global problem.

“As a leading distributor of wireless technology in the U.K., we are excited to partner with Cloudpath,” said
Rob Leggett, director of business development for Siracom. “Our experience with mass device ownership and
understanding of the importance of secure Wi-Fi will help introduce Cloudpath’s innovative solutions to new
territories. Secure device onboarding and enablement is a real customer issue today, and we can help solve that
by partnering with Cloudpath.”

For more information about partnering with Cloudpath Networks, please visit:(, the industry leader for Automated Device Enablement (ADE)

About Cloudpath Networks
Cloudpath Networks, Inc. provides Automated Device Enablement (ADE) solutions that simplify the adoption of standards-based Wi-Fi security, including WPA2-Enterprise, 802.1X, and X.509, in diverse BYOD environments. Founded in 2006, Cloudpath Networks invented the modern onboarding model for personal devices and continues to drive the industry’s adoption of standards-based security en masse. The Cloudpath XpressConnect solutions are proven worldwide to bring simplicity to secure networks through automated and easy-to-use form and function. To learn more, visit (

About Siracom
Siracom ( is a true Value Added Distributor. Its product ranges include wireless infrastructure and security products, designed to address the new world of mass device ownership, with Wi-Fi as the primary delivery mechanism for data voice and video applications, at work, and through our daily digital lives.