Cloudpath Networks Expands Automated Certificates to Google Chromebooks

Cloudpath Networks Expands Automated Certificates to Google Chromebooks

Cloudpath adds support for automated client certificate distribution on Chromebooks for IT-managed and unmanaged Chromebooks in the XpressConnect ES.

Westminster, Colo., October 14, 2014-Cloudpath Networks (, the industry leader for Automated Device Enablement (ADE), today announced support in the XpressConnect ES for the automated distribution of client certificates to both IT-managed and unmanaged (BYOD) Chromebooks. Once installed on the device, the certificates are available for a wide array of uses, including certificate-based WiFi (WPA2-Enterprise with EAP-TLS), web SSO authentication, web two-factor authentication, and more.

cert-manageWith the ability to issue certificates from a variety of sources, including Microsoft Certificate Services, managed PKI, as well as XpressConnect’s own built-in certificate infrastructure, XpressConnect ES ensures every device receives the appropriate policy-associated certificate without IT overhead.

“We are pleased to have worked with the Google for Work team to ensure certificates are distributed with the same security, simplicity, and cost effectiveness for which Chromebooks are known. For environments with existing PKI, XpressConnect ES extends the benefits of certificates to Chromebooks – even ones in the wild – without compromising the integrity of your PKI,” said Kevin Koster, CEO, Cloudpath Networks. “For environments without certificates today, XpressConnect ES makes it very simple to unlock the usability, management, and security benefits of certificates.”

For IT-managed Chromebooks, XpressConnect ES deploys both user and device certificates via a Chrome extension provisioned through the Chromebook management console. Whether tied to the user or the device, the certificates are TPM-backed, which means they are burned into hardware for maximum protection.

For unmanaged Chromebooks, XpressConnect ES provides a web portal for self-service, automated installation of the certificate along with configuration of related services, such as WPA2-Enterprise WiFi using EAP-TLS.
Chromebook support in XpressConnect ES adds to the long list of supported devices, which includes managed and personally-owned (BYOD) devices running Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and more.

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